Sugar Detox: Week Two Summary

Gotta keep this one short, as I’m on break at work…

Last week was interesting, as I think getting rid of the sugar craving is revealing other cravings that are harder to deal with. I’ll just say that it’s been about four years since I’ve been laid and leave it at that.

The scale said 256.2 lbs on Sunday 10/15/17, which means I’ve lost almost 7 lbs in two weeks. My nefarious plan continues to work!

My bestie who is doing the detox with me brought up an interesting point last night; He said that his friend’s doctor said that stopping carbohydrates entirely will shut off your pancreas because it won’t know what it’s doing anymore. I’m really suspicious of the medical veracity of that, and no, we haven’t researched it yet. I’ll keep you posted of what we find.

Otherwise, I’m hip-deep in moving into our first apartment. I’m sore EVERYWHERE. And I really want to go grocery shopping but don’t want to move the groceries as well. I haven’t gone grocery shopping since Sept. 30th…


Sugar Detox: Week One Summary

Today is Day 8 of my sugar detox, so here’s the rundown of the last week:

  • Only had 2-3 headaches. It’s hard for me to tell what’s a headache and what’s tired, as they feel the same.
  • Had about the same number of cravings. Only one bad one; I had half a bar of cream cheese and told my brain to shut up.
  • Food disappears a LOT faster. I would have three eggs and a pile of veggies for breakfast, and I’d be hungry an hour or so later. Where does my food go??? (I know the chemical / biological reasons for digesting them faster, but it’s still annoying.)
  • Going grocery shopping while hungry was really challenging.

I went dancing with my brother on Saturday night. We left at break, but in the first half I sat out only one dance, and I danced the waltz. I got over 11,000 steps on Saturday, so I’m curious how high that would have gotten had we stayed the whole dance.

I got on the scale this morning, and weighed 260.2 lbs. That’s almost three pounds lost this week!

My nefarious plan is working…

See you at the end of week two!

Sugar Detox

While I was growing up, my parents would drink a lot. Like, 1-2 bottles of wine every night. I have distinct memories of waking them up off the couch so I could go to bed, and helping them up the stairs because they were too drunk to make it to bed themselves. (Looking back, maybe if I’d left them there overnight it might have been a wake-up call that they were drinking too much…)

I didn’t want to turn out like them, so even as an adult I’ve never developed a taste for alcohol. Most alcoholic drinks taste absolutely foul to me. The problem is, I still have an addictive personality, and I’ve become hooked on something more insidious: sugar.

You may say, “You can’t be addicted to sugar! That’s nonsense! How can you be addicted to something you can buy in the grocery store?”

Because you can buy it in the grocery store.

Sugar is in everything. Drinks, peanut butter, ketchup, baked goods (dear gods, the baked goods)… I would cheerfully make a meal of donuts and cheesecake if presented the opportunity. And being good at baking does not help matters; I have a distinct memory of getting home from school and making myself a batch of oatmeal raisin cookie dough, and eating the whole batch of dough raw.

Even just writing this is making me want to check for discount donuts at the grocery store later today.

And there is increasing research that shows that sugar has the same effects on our brains as hard drugs. Google it.

So yeah. I’m addicted to sugar.

Working in the office of a Wholesale Grocer doesn’t help matters. The bakery department is two rows of cubicles over from my desk, and there are various foods available at least once a week. I think there were at least three birthdays within two weeks, which meant cakes and cupcakes and deliciousness…. One of my coworkers makes a whoopie pie cake, which I have nicknamed “Death-cake”.

I’ve gained 15-20 pounds in the seven months I’ve been working there, and somewhere around 80 pounds in the last seven years. Eighty pounds is like, a person.

SO! In the spirit of not-dying-young and keeping a handle on my diabetes susceptibility, I’ve roped my best friend into doing a sugar detox with me. Starting tomorrow, we’re going cold turkey for three weeks, only eating protein, fats, and non-starchy veg. (“Why are you still eating fats?” Because fat is not the chemical enemy here; Carbohydrates are.)

In order to make this work, I need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I need to stay busy (but not stressed), and reasonably active (2 exercises per week, minimum; 4 would be better). It’s also going to take a lot of thought and preparation, and money; good food isn’t cheap. I plan on weighing myself tomorrow (Day 1), and doing weigh-ins once every two weeks, because more often has the potential to be depressing. I will be resuming use of my food diary app (YouFood), and will be daily journaling in a Notebook app to keep track of cravings and challenges. I will post here on Saturdays to summarize the week.

See you on the other side of Week 1. Wish me luck.

Health Update #I’veLostCount

The Good News:

I went to the nutritionist this morning and weighed 248.5 lbs, which is down 23 lbs since the Diabetes diagnosis in September! Yay progress!  Go me!


Screenshot of my FitBit app.  You can clearly see the peak in Sept.

What kinda baffled me at the time of getting on the scale is that, for the past two weeks or so, I’ve been eating a lot more carb-ish types of food than I had been, and I’m astounded than I’ve continued to lose weight.  The problem, of course, is that I’m still unemployed, and based on bills, current bank balances, and how much money I net-lost last month, I’m putting off grocery shopping for as long as possible.  That means a lot more meals featuring beans and rice than I (and my medical team, I’m sure) would like.

Luckily my nutritionist is pretty understanding of circumstances (and this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues affording decent food), so my “homework” from today’s session:

  • Continue elliptical & walking & dancing – 1 day per week each
  • Increase vegetables – inexpensive ideas: broccoli, cabbage, frozen veggies, carrots, & turnips
  • Continue to limit portion sizes of things like rice, beans, etc.
  • Continue lots of water

I don’t know when I’ll get work, or when I’ll run out of okay food to eat from the pantry, but I will definitely keep the veggie ideas in mind (in other words, tell my bestie so he can cook them).


Quick Diabetes Update!

Literally just got the results of my blood tests from last week:

  • A1C = 5.7%  (less than 5.7% is Normal)
  • Cholesterol = 196 (less than 200 is “desirable”)
  • Triglycerides = 87 (less than 150 is Normal)
  • Direct HDL = 66
  • Direct LDL = 103 (“within normal limits”)

So my A1C is down 0.4% and my cholesterol panel is “excellent.” Go me!  ^_^

Diabetes Appointment #2

Ha! Writing about a thing less than 7 days after it happened!  Go me!

As I was actually fasting for this appointment, the numbers were accurate:

  • FGT: 110  (falls into Prediabetes range now, woot!)
  • Weight: 256.3 lbs (15 lbs lost, 12 more to go!)

I did have blood tests done at the lab after my appointment (cholesterol panel & A1C), but I haven’t gotten the results back yet.

So my nefarious plan is still working, and Thanksgiving eating didn’t set me back!

Insurance companies supposedly only cover A1C tests every 3 months, so I may need to pay for my test this past week.  I also think that’s why Bonnie wants my next visit to be in 3 months.  But I have a nutritionist appointment in December and my physical in January, so it likely won’t actually be 3 months until I see someone again.

In somewhat related news, I was laid off from work earlier this week.  My thoughts on this:

  • It’ll be harder for me to get my daily steps, now that I don’t have to move around for work.
  • No paycheck = money rationing = more stress?
  • Applying for jobs is exhausting.
  • I didn’t get the chance to gather my courage to talk to the cute guy at work. 😦
  • More time for sleeping and craft projects and errands?

Of course, I was out of work for less than 24 hours before my dad decided to be a douche and started turning off the internet at 9 pm.  As if that’s going to help me find work.  At least he’s leaving it on during the day while he’s at work, which is sadly an improvement over the last time this happened.

No, I have not told him or my stepmother about this health problem.  They’re already hard enough to deal with, I don’t want to be told “I told you so” about my past food choices.

Diabetes Appointment #1

So this appointment was about a month ago now.  I’ll try to remember all the relevant and interesting stuff… Starting with the nurse’s name: Bonnie.

Bonnie explained the differences between Type 1 and Type 2; The former is an autoimmune disease & usually strikes in childhood, and the latter is caused by your pancreas working too hard and not making enough insulin to regulate the amount of glucose molecules in your blood & is usually found in adults.  Also, with the added glucose in your bloodstream, your body tries to flush it out, and that’s why diabetics drink more water and have to pee more.  (It all makes sense now!)

In the process of explaining the functions of glucose and insulin (which is what gets the glucose into your cells, BTW), I interrupted with “Yeah, C6H12O6,” and she gave me this blank look.  I’m thinking, ‘You are a diabetes specialist.  You cannot possibly have forgotten the molecular formula for the thing your work revolves around.’  I took both Chemistry and Biology; You can talk science to me, it’s ok.

She gave me the results of my blood tests.  The FGT (Fasting Glucose Test) measures blood sugar when you haven’t eaten anything for at least 8 hours, and the A1C measures your average estimated blood sugar over the past 2-3 months.  I should point out here that the morning I’d had the blood drawn, I didn’t know I was going to be doing this, so I’d had a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese before my appointment.  Therefore, the FGT results are not technically fasting; A1C does not have to be fasting.

FGT:  Normal <100  —   Prediabetes 100-125  —  Diabetes 126+  — My FGT = 128

A1C:  Normal <5.7% —  Prediabetes 5.7-6.4% — Diabetes 6.5%+ – My A1C = 6.1%

I also got this dorky book on carb counting and meal planning.  Bonnie explained that I could use my hand to measure portions; my palm for red meat, up to the first knuckle for chicken, and up to the second knuckle for fish.  I literally laughed out loud at that; portion sizing is depressing and doesn’t work for me.  I don’t think she thought it was funny…  I still carry the book with me, though, because it has tables of foods and their carbohydrates.  My food plan = eat mostly protein and veggies and switch to medicinal-grade (≥80% dark) chocolate.

Bonnie said that to start reversing this, I should be exercising 30-60 minutes every day and start by losing 5% of my body weight.  At the time, I was 271 lbs, so 5% = 13 lbs.  The last time I got on my bathroom scale I was 259 lbs, which is 12 lbs down.  This astounds me, that my nefarious plan is working, because I honestly haven’t been exercising as much as I should.  It also means that losing 10% (getting down to 244 lbs) is actually in the realm of Possible, so I’m going to keep working at it.

I did order a planner to map out my weekly exercise, and I keep the schedules for the YMCA classes and swimming times pinned above my desk.  I write into the planner on a weekly basis what my options are for the coming week, so I can plan around other things like overtime at work, contra dances, etc.  It’s kinda working…

A few random related notes:

  • My bestie still has not completed his YMCA application.  It’s hard to be a gym buddy when you don’t have a gym membership, dude…
  • I have been transferred to a different department at work for the next month (until the Seasonal job ends), and this job I will be standing all the time.  It’s also maybe 15 min to the YMCA I have a membership at, so I have fewer excuses to not go.

So my next appointment and bloodwork are scheduled for Tuesday this week.  Hopefully I don’t let this one go a month before writing about it.