BuJo-Planner Lists

Adventure Ideas

Books I’ve Read

  1. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs – A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Mercedes Lackey’s “Owl-” trilogy (Darian’s tale)

New Restaurants

  1. Fresh Side (Amherst MA) – The pad thai T-roll and spicy chicken T-roll were the best, but the pho was pretty good, too.

Entertainments (Movies, Concerts, Shows, etc.)

  • The Secret Life of Pets – 1/12/17 – Cute, a little funny. Likely, once was enough.
  • Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – 2/3/17 – Calvin Theater, Northampton MA – Not as satisfied with this show as I was with the last time I saw them.  Music was still awesome, but the show felt rushed (entire show was 2 hours, for $44 per ticket); I missed the emcee acting like it was an old radio show, and Scott Bradlee himself doesn’t tour anymore (what??).  As I said, the music was still great, but I felt the whole “PMJ Experience” was lacking.

Completed Projects

  1. Remade blue scrap yarn circle afghans; Actually know how to crochet a flat circle now!
  2. Finished mending for Saera H.
  3. Replaced a bag zipper for Katie O.
  4. Finished crochet Slytherin sweater



Current List of Projects

I’m starting with this because it’s the least likely to bring up Feelings (other than excitement).  I want to talk about these things but there are also heavier things that will need longer discussion, so let’s get this done first and out of the way, yes?  Following is a list (in no particular order) of the various projects I’m working on.

  • Elizabethan garb set
    • chemise: done
    • farthingale (the hoop skirt): done
    • corset: determined what size to cut the pattern on… (in progress)
    • petticoat
    • underskirt
    • dress (bodice & attached overskirt & attached sleeves)
    • maybe eventually a lace partlet and/or a ruff…
  • two peasant blouse styled T-shirts (one is cut & pinned, the other is prewashed)
  • three full-circle cotton skirts (in seasonal fabrics; prewashed)
  • remaking my Kitchen Witch apron to be both more witchy and more useful (will likely use scrap fabric from this project to make matching oven mitts and potholders)
  • scrap quilt (using block method)
  • a green & black sweater-tunic to crochet (will be making up pattern)
  • mending for two of my friends (which I’m going to be paid for, so why am I putting this off??)
  • a cookbook collaboration with my bestie, my personal copy called “Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch” and will include info on canning & preserving, and How To’s (how to test christmas lights to find the bad bulb, how to test a fuse, etc.)
  • illustrating my own tarot deck, using imagery from my fandoms
  • a Civil War ballgown, which I only started planning because I found the PERFECT fabric, which I should order while they still have it (will need 2 whole bolts = 16 yards to be safe; the brocade pattern has direction)
  • Other things I want to make but haven’t started on yet:
    • fluttery palazzo pants
    • knee-length leggings in crazy colors & patterns
    • a green button-up shirt needs to be shortened & re-hemmed
    • make another pair of pajama shorts
    • replacing the fabric on parasols (bought 2 from an antique shop, just need to buy the pattern for the fabric… There will be fringe involved.)
    • prayer flags of the elements
    • fake flowers on bobby pins and/or combs to wear in my hair
    • still have 2 sets of bedsheets that need to be cut down before I can use them

Water Tribe afghan

Several months ago, I saw this dark blue, super-plushy yarn in JoAnn’s and I knew I had to make an afghan out of it.  After a month and a half of crocheting, the Water Tribe afghan is draped over my (queen-size) bed.

I had to crack open 9 skeins of yarn; it could’ve been 8, but there was a shortage of the dark blue that I fell in love with, so I had to supplement it with some other colors that worked with the theme.  Also, without sales or coupons, each skein is $10, so I had to be careful about not buying too much.  That said, I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

I have vague plans for making an afghan of another element next winter, though I’ll need to find appropriate patterns for them.  Something new and (honestly) more challenging.

(You can find a full description of this project on my Ravelry projects notebook.)