Living in Phase One (with a few more loopholes)

Following my nutritionist appt last week, I have decided to stay in Phase One (extremely low-carb), with a few more loopholes / exceptions, like

  • rice (This means I can have sushi.)
  • Winter squash (because we still have some from the farm share & I don’t want them to go to waste)
  • Hummus (garlic hummus on my breakfast eggs; Yum!)
  • Cracklin’ Oat Bran (This is my Very Favorite Cereal. I measure out about half a cup (dry) and slowly savor it for dessert.)
  • Emergen-C packets (because ain’t nobody got time to be sick)

And this is paying off. Yesterday I weighed 250.0 lbs, which is down a full 13 lbs from October 1st. As you can see from my FitBit graph (below), I’m almost back to where I was in February, before I got my sit-at-a-desk-all-day office job.

I did make it to the Y on Friday night, and did 30 min “jogging” on the elliptical and 10 min walking on the treadmill. I am not as out-of-shape as I’d thought I would be, but post-workout snacks are even more important than they were pre-detox. No snack afterward left me shivering and nauseous by the time I got home. Note to Future Self: Snacks. Bring them.


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