Sugar Detox Summary & Nutritionist Appt

So I think at this point we can say that the “detox” part of this has ended. I weighed 253.4 on 10/29 and 254.8 on 11/5. I blame Halloween (the candy holiday).

I had a bowl of noodles with dinner on Sunday night, and my body was NOT impressed. I felt cramped and bloated and gross the next day. This leads me to believe that very low carb eating is going to have to be more permanent than I’d anticipated. (Or maybe I’d always known that and just didn’t want to admit it.)

I had an appt with the new nutritionist at my HMO this morning. It was a little aggravating because I spent at least half the time explaining why my weird eating habits work for me and I was an hour later for work than I’d expected to be. The point, though, is that she agrees with my self-diagnosis of sugar addiction and that I should stick with low-carb eating; She wants me to get down to 237 lbs (10% loss from Oct.1), and I kinda want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes…

The plan moving forward is to start adding exercise back in, now that I’ve gotten used to low-carb eating. I’ve written in my planner to hit the YMCA & use the elliptical on Friday night, and to go swimming at some point this weekend. Fingers crossed I can do the things.


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