Planner + Bullet Journal = …?

Late last year (October?) I’d purchased a 2016 planner with the intent of mapping out my weekly exercise options; dancing, lap swimming times, group exercise classes, that sort of thing.  This didn’t really work, but I was reminded of how much I like this particular planner, so I got one for 2017.


An example of planner pages I haven’t written on yet

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I was browsing Pinterest one day (late December?) and came across something that eventually led me to the idea of the Bullet Journal.  I gotta say, I’m not a fan of a lot of BuJo styles; like, there is no need to memorialize every single To Do list I ever make.  (I’m a huge list-maker.)  However, there are some things about them that really appeal to me:

So I’d bought a planner (about $18 after shipping) and then found a new idea.  The problem with just starting a bullet journal is that I haven’t been employed since I was laid off at the end of November 2016, so I have literally zero dollars with which to buy frivolous things.  But!  The planner I’d bought has many non-planner pages; pages of things like articles, advertisements… Heck, even the inside covers!  So I went to BigLots and bought a pad of lined paper (approx. planner-sized) and a 4-pack of colored pens for less than $5.  After reading the articles in the planner, I decided which ones I liked, and started covering the ones I didn’t like with a new writing surface.

16427584_1412621752102273_4413891413388450334_nBuJo-Planner Lists: (These things will likely get their own posts that will be updated when the list is.)

I’m still trying to keep to the health planner I’d intended, but I’ve changed the format.  Instead of writing down everything I could do, I write a list down the side of the planner of different types of exercise I could be doing (Swimming / Dancing / Dancing / Elliptical / __________*) and cross them off when I do them. (*Could be Long Walk, Elliptical, Shoveling Snow, etc.)  This way gives me a bit more flexibility in planning out when I do the things..


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