Diabetes Appointment #2

Ha! Writing about a thing less than 7 days after it happened!  Go me!

As I was actually fasting for this appointment, the numbers were accurate:

  • FGT: 110  (falls into Prediabetes range now, woot!)
  • Weight: 256.3 lbs (15 lbs lost, 12 more to go!)

I did have blood tests done at the lab after my appointment (cholesterol panel & A1C), but I haven’t gotten the results back yet.

So my nefarious plan is still working, and Thanksgiving eating didn’t set me back!

Insurance companies supposedly only cover A1C tests every 3 months, so I may need to pay for my test this past week.  I also think that’s why Bonnie wants my next visit to be in 3 months.  But I have a nutritionist appointment in December and my physical in January, so it likely won’t actually be 3 months until I see someone again.

In somewhat related news, I was laid off from work earlier this week.  My thoughts on this:

  • It’ll be harder for me to get my daily steps, now that I don’t have to move around for work.
  • No paycheck = money rationing = more stress?
  • Applying for jobs is exhausting.
  • I didn’t get the chance to gather my courage to talk to the cute guy at work. 😦
  • More time for sleeping and craft projects and errands?

Of course, I was out of work for less than 24 hours before my dad decided to be a douche and started turning off the internet at 9 pm.  As if that’s going to help me find work.  At least he’s leaving it on during the day while he’s at work, which is sadly an improvement over the last time this happened.

No, I have not told him or my stepmother about this health problem.  They’re already hard enough to deal with, I don’t want to be told “I told you so” about my past food choices.


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