Tropical Dance Vacation 2016

Last month (Feb.) my aunt Lea sponsored me to go on a dance trip with her, called Tropical Dance Vacation.  It’s a week on St. Croix, in a resort on the beach near Christiansted, with dinners included and contra dancing under the dance tent every night.  It’s organized by a dance caller I know, and the band is Wild Asparagus.

This was fabulous.

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The only thing I would change (other than NOT getting in an argument with my aunt over $5) is to have more young people around.  I know there are reasons why, but I was surrounded by people mostly my parents’ age all week, and I really missed the energy of my younger dance friends.

I’ve had a hard time adjusting back to a New England winter.  I went from 75-85 degrees, sunny, with bright colors, to cold, dreary, monochromatic.  Clearly my body cannot thermoregulate any more.  I can’t wait for spring.


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