Health Update

Things got really cray-cray for awhile there, but I’m pleased to say that regaining my health is progressing well, despite tiny paychecks and even tinier SNAP allotment.  The last time I visited my nutritionist I was 252.9 lbs; when I entered the number into my food diary app YouFood, it said that I’ve lost 15 lbs since starting the app in June last year!  What’s more impressive to me, though, is that I could finally put darts in the back of a pair of jeans, which took about 5″ out of the waist.  SO much more comfy!

Here are the notes from the last two nutritionist visits:

  • Look for 100% whole grain breads (including baking recipes)
  • Restart smoothies; must include a protein such as yogurt, milk, nuts/nut butters in addition to fruit
  • Try to do some type of physical activity/movement every day – swimming, walking, dancing, exercise class at YMCA
  • Add notes about cravings & moods to food diary; look for patterns
  • Freeze fruits & veggies before they go bad
  • Limit anything starchy to 1/2 cup serving, including potatoes, rice, pasta/noodles… Add more non-starchy veggies instead (broccoli, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, peppers, asparagus, parsnips, turnips, etc.)
  • Investigate weight training circuit at the Y

Other things we discussed included making an appointment with my doctor to be tested for asthma, and (when I get a job other than tutoring) investing in a Fitbit.

In other health news, I’m starting my physical therapy exercises for my knees again.  They were starting to make disturbing noises while taking stairs, again.  I have a PT buddy this time, one of the older ladies I dance with, so we can make sure we do them daily.

Also, I got my brother into contra dancing, so now I have a carpool buddy who hates being late, which therefore forces me to get there for the first dance and increases my dancing time.


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