A Blessed Samhain

Life got crazy again, but a good crazy?  I was able to take the TA position at the local community college, on the condition that I work as many extra hours at Yankee as I can.  My schedule is now:

  • MWF at Yankee Candle for some 10-hour shift (because more than that would melt my brain)
  • TTh at GCC for 4 hours each day

This is great, because:

  • It puts variety back into my schedule.
  • I have a couple days during the week in which I can run errands.
  • There’s a lovely opportunity for swimming at the YMCA after work on Tuesdays.
  • There’s more time to hang out with my bestie Thursday nights.
  • The potential for more sleep-hours.

Anyway, I’m really digging this craziness.  I now have three part-time jobs (if you include tutoring, which I still do by appointment), which is lending itself to a MUCH larger bank balance than I’m used to.  In fact, I had a weird realization last night that I could actually purchase the book and tarot deck that I’ve wanted for awhile, because I actually have money.  Now I just need to remind myself to hoard it like a dragon hoards gold…

I’ve been in an unusually good mood today.  I’m not sure exactly why or how this came about, but I’m trying to not be too suspicious of a good thing.

Another realization: I think I actually enjoy programming.  I’m learning Arduino for the TA job, and I really like it.

Fall is my favorite season, and Samhain / Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I wish I’d had more time to celebrate and do pagan-y witch-y stuff, but I took some notes from this website for future reference.  There were some things I hadn’t thought of that I’d like to try out next year.

I did manage to do some reflecting on my Warrior Goals for the coming year.  (For a description of Warrior Goals, etc., read my previous posts reviewing the book Full Contact Magick.)  Samhain is the time for “decisions, resolutions, objectives; divination to chart a path and predict coming influences,” so here are the objectives that I feel I can realistically commit to:

  • Get my sewing business going
  • Decide what I’m doing with myself (teaching? engineering? renewables? paper-pushing?).
  • Continue with plan to Move Out
  • Continue working to maximize health (nutrition, exercise, etc.).
  • Continue spiritual growth and learning.

I would do some tarot divination to help chart my path, but I think I’ll have to make up my own spread for this, and for that I’m going to wait to get my Deck of 1000 Spreads (ordered from B&N last night).  I feel like I have a lot of options and a lot of potentials right now, so having the Deck as a framework for my readings feels like a good idea.

That’s what it is.  My life got really crazy, but the good kind of chaos, where I can feel a lot of Potential stirring around in the chaos, sort of waiting…


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