Future Plan: Long-Distance Train Trip(s)

So this blog post (titled: “Across the USA by Train for Just $213”) was shared in my Facebook newsfeed, so of course I had to read it.  The author, Derek Low, studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and is now an “adventure traveler & entrepreneur.”  (Relevant in multiple ways!)

Anyway, his post detailed what it was like taking the train from San Francisco to New York City, along the California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited lines.

I need to do this.  Like, the travel itch is starting to burn…

I’m currently cooking up crazy schemes to take the train across the US, interspersed with some couchsurfing and/or Airbnb to explore a bit along the way.  My sister lives in Oregon, & I think it would be absolutely wicked to take a week or two and go visit.

Of course, I’m not leaving my 17-year-old cat alone for that long, so this is relegated to a back-burner future plan (of which I have many).

But still!  This is now on my bucket list.


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