Nutritionist Update

Further things to be working on:

  • Start my YMCA membership!  (Yay sliding scale fees!) Walking or swimming or a class -> Goal of 30 min of moving every day.
  • Protein for breakfast (defrost frozen meat the night before).
  • Pack a healthy protein snack for dancing, so I don’t end up starving (b/c adding that to exhaustion makes me very, very sick).
  • For PMS, 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate (or similar).
  • Buy tiny, single-servings of ice cream instead of pints.  (Even if I have 2 of those, it’s still less than a pint.)

The scale hasn’t changed a huge amount, but I can wear my shorts again!!  Huzzah!  I’m very excited by this, as they didn’t fit at all in May.  It’s more important that my clothes fit than what the scale says.


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