Super-Busy Adventure Week!

My series of adventures starts last week Sunday, when I got to hang out with my friend Amanda L.  After lunch at Fresh Side in Amherst (which I’d never been to before), we went to Historic Deerfield to see their fabric & clothing collection, which I hadn’t even known about until I saw a dress on a billboard and decided to investigate.  I got REALLY excited while looking at the historical garb.

Couldn't take pics of the exhibit, so here's a pic of a pamphlet...

Couldn’t take pics of the exhibit, so here’s a pic of a pamphlet…

Then we got dinner (read: ice cream) and I brought her back to her apartment, where I made friends with her roommate’s cat (who curled up on my shoulder bag).  A storm was coming in that night, so I took a few pics on the way home.


Wednesday I got to spend the afternoon with Becka W., whom I hadn’t seen in months.  We attended GCC’s engineering program together.  After lunch we took a walk down her street, and then Becka made blueberry lemon cake.  11264815_1017268581637594_624319767431562435_nAfter dinner on Wed, I dropped off an application to the Greenfield YMCA, to see if I qualify for a reduced-fee membership (*fingers crossed*), before going dancing in Amherst.  While there, I danced more than I’d danced in a good long while (due to getting there earlier), and I slipped a dirty joke into conversation while waltzing with a cute guy, AND I declined caramel brownies at break.  I was really proud of me that night.

Thursday I drove out to Fall River, MA to hang out with Elizabeth R., whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. We caught up while wandering around the shore, which included taking pics of the USS Massachusetts, and some Canadian geese who were chillin’ nearby.11751753_1015529538478165_2147515510914806005_n

When I was trying to fill up the gas tank before driving home that evening, something interesting happened.  The lever that pops the trunk (pulling) and the gas cover (pushing) might be busted, because the gas cover wouldn’t open and then the trunk wouldn’t latch closed.  I finally took a flat screwdriver from the trunk and broke the plastic bit holding the gas cover closed, so I could have enough gas to get home.  The good news is that it worked & I got the trunk to stay closed; the bad news is that the gas cover can’t latch closed anymore.

Sunset driving home Thursday

Sunset driving home Thursday

Friday was the Challenging contradance in Greenfield, which I normally go to because I get paid to be in charge of cleaning up the hall at the end of the night.  I don’t think anything spectacular happened on Friday, other than going with my younger brother to pick out Dad’s birthday gift (a lilac bush, to replace the one we accidentally destroyed as children).

Saturday my friends Johanna F. & Aaron R. got married!  I wasn’t at their ceremony (which apparently another friend officiated on top of Sugarloaf early that morning), but their reception turned into a nice party.  They got catering from Atkins (of which I got lots of leftovers), and rented out the Greenfield Grange hall, and tried teaching their families how to contradance.  Johanna’s parents took a group of us out for dinner at the People’s Pint before the dance.  And, I did not stuff myself stupid on good food.

The band last night (Saturday) was Tidal Wave (from Quebec), and they do not mess around!  I almost got cramps in my calves during dances, they were that energetic.  I’m kinda glad I had to wear my sneakers dancing, because if I’d worn my regular dance shoes my feet would’ve hurt even more.  When I got home I was so hungry & exhausted I was almost sick, and it has been a LONG TIME since that’d happened.  I iced my feet and knees & back when I got home, which was a fantastic idea.

So I got three nights of dancing, and three instances of hanging out with folks I don’t get to see that often.  There’s almost a week’s worth of free food in my fridge now, I’m $30 richer (which should get me some flea meds, and maybe some litter, for the cats this week), and a lead for a potential full-time job.  Can I have one day to relax now, please?


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