Full Contact Magick – Part 5 – Response

If Fire is my primary element, then Air is my secondary.  Which makes total and complete sense!

I’m still not quite sold on the author’s assignment of sides of the Witch’s Pyramid with the elements he chose; Will has always seemed like a Fire thing to me.  I enjoyed his metaphor with Schrodinger’s Wave Equation, as I’ve taken enough chemistry to understand what he’s talking about, and it makes sense.


About the size of a dime…

“Don’t exchange what you want most for what you want at that moment.”  Gods, I’m so bad at this.  I can’t decide if I’m kinda hedonistic, or making sure I enjoy life, or just have really poor self-discipline.  Prolly some combination of all three….  I’ve felt for awhile now that a triskele tattoo somewhere I can see it (preferably on the web between thumb & forefinger on the back of my left hand) would remind me of the Druidic principle of Sacrifice: giving up something small to attain a more worthy goal.  (Note to self: write more on this later.)  I’ve been doodling that symbol in that location for well over a decade, so I’m really tempted to just get it inked there.  Maybe that would remind me that I’ve got plans that do not involve me eating a pint of chocolate gelato for dinner….

My wish list would include things like:

  • Get healthier / trim down / lose extra inches
  • Build a hobbit house / earth-sheltered house, with: a screened-in porch with a hammock, a fireplace or wood stove, a bay window, and a comfy place to curl up & read
  • Renovate a bus into a tiny house & travel the US (There’s still so much of my country that I haven’t seen yet…)
  • Stay somewhere warm-ish in winter & cool-ish in summer
  • Visit ALL THE PLACES!  (Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, Greece, train tour around Europe, maybe China…)
  • Find a job that will comfortably pay my bills that I reasonably-enjoy doing
  • Pay off my student loans before I retire
  • Become more proficient at reading tarot cards
  • Make historical costumes and wear them to events (like renfaires & historical dances)

RE: prioritizing & setting goals – This is why I’m taking a break from school.  For so long I’ve put my schooling first, and this means that my health declined, I had to cut 90% or more of my social life, so my sanity went downhill… When stairs got challenging, I decided I’d like to NOT have a heart attack before I’m 30, so schooling got bumped to a lower-priority.  (Also, I’d like to whittle down some of my loan debt before getting any more.)

I never really had an initiation ceremony.  I’ve known since middle school that I’m not Christian, and I spent a couple years looking at other faiths to try to find something that lined up with what I intuited and what I felt was true; Wicca lines up the best, but most accurately I’m a witch.  Shortly after high school, I wrote a dedication page in my Book of Shadows binder:

“I dedicate myself to the goddess in all her aspects, this 29th day of April, year 2009.”

And that was it.  I feel like, now that I’ve learned more and established more in myself what I agree with and what I feel is true, I kinda want a ritual initiation.  I imagine it’d be kinda like throwing your own birthday party, or organizing your own wedding.  (I never really got a coming-of-age party / celebration, either; my parents split up right before my 16th birthday….)  I’ve been sorta-daydreaming about something that looks like a cross between a wedding, a coronation, a debutante ball, and swearing fealty.  This requires more thought…

Also, the description of the initiation ritual in the book kinda makes me cry.  It sounds like a really powerful experience, for everyone involved.

I’ve never used an athame (black-handled dagger for rituals), but I do have a boline (white-handled knife for practical stuff, like cutting herbs).  I use a 4″ paring knife from Cutco (pearl handle).

The bit on sound energy reminded me of a book I heard about many years ago, which I meant to read and never actually got around to: Godel Escher Bach.  It explores the links between mathematics, music, and optics.  Also, go look up string theory.

I don’t really do much chanting, though I can sorta feel this when at the dance hall & we’re singing for someone’s birthday.  The song we use is a round, and sometimes the last note harmonizes just right…  Supposedly music stimulates the same part of the brain as food and sex, and this would explain why sometimes I’m listening to great music and just want to collapse into a puddle of goo…

Also, taiko drumming is the best thing ever.  I saw the group Drum TAO at UMass in 2012, and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.  I shelled out $45 for their DVD after that show.  And they’re coming back in February I’m so excited!!!  It is inspiring, how much those people love what they do.  Also, the athleticism required blows my mind.  (I watched the DVD last night after writing the Part 5 post, and it re-ignited my desire to travel to Japan.)

Regarding cord magick, this isn’t the first time I’ve come across this.  I actually know a variation of the spell the author talked about, where instead of tying the cords to something and cutting them, you tie them into loops and wear them like bracelets.  This symbolizes bonds weighing you down, things you’ve carried for a time.  Then, you use the athame to cut them off, and as athames are supposed to be pretty dull, this will require effort; all the while saying how that bond has taught you a lesson and now is the time to set it aside.  When you’ve cut them all off, you burn them, affirming that those ties are no longer a part of your life.

So this is the last post in this series.  I’ve finished Full Contact Magick.  It makes sense, reading the conclusion, why the author went widdershins through the elements.  This book has certainly helped things make more sense, such as why the Wiccan Rede is such a powerful mantra.  It’s shed light on areas of my life that I need to work on, and hopefully given me a framework for actually accomplishing my goals.  Now, to go do the things!


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