Full Contact Magick – Part 4 – Response

Again, I’m not sure why this section has only three chapters.  Also, I note that the length of my writing on Part 4 is shorter than for the other sections; this could be because it’s only covering three chapters, but I think it’s because I’m most familiar with this type of magick.

A poor photograph of the painting I made, March 6, 2015.

A poor photograph of the painting I made, March 6, 2015.

Be Creative: I do this ALL THE TIME.  Creativity is such an integral part of me that I actually go a little crazy when I go too long without making something.  For example, this past spring semester I had no time to do anything creative (dancing, sewing, jewelry, etc.) that I kinda lost it.  My bestie gave me a canvas and let me use his paints, and I spent 6 hours making an art.  It soothed my soul.

Useless Activity:  I’m of mixed minds about this precept.  On the one hand, I don’t reuse magickal techniques if they didn’t work for me.  On the other hand, I feel like I waste a lot of my time doing things of little importance (bumming around the internet, for example); I’m not sure where “reading” falls on the scale of importance, as that tends to restore some of my sanity, but I’ve spent SO many hours doing it.

As far as a Book of Shadows goes, I kinda have three different versions.  I have a journal, in which I write tarot readings and important happenings (kinda like a diary); I have a 3-ring binder, in which I have a bunch of notes and recipes that I copied out of books, and aim to have more stuff b/c the binder is cool (I drew a runic array on it with silver sharpie); and I have a folder on my computer of all kinds of stuff that I’m too lazy to print out or hand-write.  Part of me wants to convert everything to the paper BoS b/c that’s traditional, and hand-writing things puts more of your will and concentration in them.  But I recognize that keeping things electronically is (in some cases) easier, and saves on paper and ink.  I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing with this…

I’ve been trying meditation the last few nights, 10-minute durations before going to sleep, and I’m not sure how well visual images work for me.  I know that images draw me in easily, but I also have a lot of practice from daily life in pulling myself away from being sucked in.  Sounds, on the other hand, I’m used to concentrating on; if you’ve ever tried to eavesdrop on a conversation in a different part of the house, you’ll know what I mean.  Last night I used the sound of my own breathing and pretended it was the waves on a shore, and I think that worked fairly well.

I’m also very good at daydreaming.  I mention this because I’m unsure at this point how well I can visualize right now.  I get bored easily…

But I have made an astral temple.  It was years ago, when I was taking tai chi lessons, and we were doing a 20-min “stand in this position and don’t move” exercise and I was bored so I imagined myself in a grove of birch trees in high summer, with a light breeze and sunlight dappling through the leaves.  My cat ran through, and I met the Star-Eyed Goddess.  I don’t remember everything about the encounter, but I’m pretty sure I wrote it down in a journal somewhere, so I could look it up.  The point is that I have enough visualization to do this, but meditating on an image doesn’t work very well right now.

Note: Upon taking my daily walk today, I passed a waterfall, and realized that while I could meditate to the sound of rushing water, watching it gives me a touch of vertigo.

I have both a wand and a staff; the staff I made (I think it’s maple), and the wand was made by a carpenter friend of mine.  I can’t honestly say I’ve ever used them to channel energy; waving a wand around makes me feel a little silly…

Dancing:  This is what I experience during a really good dance, where I have good connection with my partner, and the music is in my bones…!  It’s pretty fantastic.  I once danced with another fire mage, and we tripped a breaker in the circuit box of the dance hall with the energy we raised.

I have done fire magick similar to what the author describes.  The spell I crafted took a dried rose and several notes that an ex-boyfriend had given me; I wrote runes on the outsides of the notes and attached them to the flower (which was also from him), and tossed it into our woodstove on Yule, with the intent of removing his influence from my life.

We’re halfway between Litha and Lughnasadh now, so I need to put more effort into the things that need doing.  Some things I’m working on are purging my belongings (because I have too much stuff), and maintaining my car, and going places with people to see stuff (because I haven’t had time to do so until recently).  I also need to vacuum my bedroom.  Badly.  And I really should start that Etsy store…


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