A Brief Note on Empathy

I’ve had this article called up for a few days, so I’m not sure which friend posted it to Facebook, but some bits of it spoke to me so I thought I’d write a bit about it.

An empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the energy and emotions emanating from people, animals and everything that exists around them.”

I’m still not sure if I’m an empath or if I’m just good at reading body language.  Maybe both?  I read the article, and these are the characteristics listed that I think actually apply to me (Bold is especially strongly apply):

  • Often says yes to others without thinking of their own needs.
  • Relationships can often move too fast and can become intense very quickly as the empath connects on a deep, intimate level very quickly due to the ability to absorb other people’s energy and emotions.
  • Can find themselves taking on and absorbing other people’s problems and being used as a sounding board or dumping ground so that others can offload their emotional baggage.
  • Instinctively knows when someone around them is not being truthful.
  • An empath’s mind is an inquisitive one and they are constantly searching for answers and theorize and philosophise constantly.
  • Connects very strongly to the animal kingdom and identifies very easily with the emotional and physical pains that animals go through.
  • Is often most at peace and feeling harmonious when spending time with nature and roaming around the outdoors.
  • Very creative and highly imaginative, writing, art, music, painting, dancing, acting, painting, building and designing are a few of the traits that empaths very often are passionate about.
  • An empath will likely get distracted easily when they are doing things they don’t enjoy and will quickly zone out or day dream when placed in situations where their mind is not stimulated.
  • Can struggle to fully relax in the company of others and really let their hair down and have fun, unless they are extremely comfortable and at ease with those surrounding them.
  • Prefers their living space to be clutter free and minimalistic*; chaotic surroundings make for chaotic minds for an empath and they have enough inner sensations happening without cluttering their psyche further.
  • Crowded places are emotionally overwhelming and downtime is required after social gatherings.
  • Highly sensitive to sounds, smells, bright lights and the feel of certain fabrics.
  • Can become shy and withdrawn as a method of self-protection. This can result in empaths becoming introverts as a way of avoiding the emotional and physical pain that often stems from interactions.
  • Empaths may have an addictive personality and can pick up habits such as drinking alcohol, playing online games or excessively indulging in a particular interest as a form of escapism to blot out feeling so much pain.

Wow.  Okay, more of these apply than I’d initially thought.

“The key to thriving as an empath is to recognize each of the traits and then spend time thinking about each one and looking at how it may be negatively impacting or hindering a certain part of life.”

I noticed that even more of the original list (25 items long) than I’ve included here are things I used to do, or things that I have done, and have since taken steps to not do anymore because I recognize that they are not conducive to my well-being.

Empaths must be sure to surround themselves with others whose energies vibrate at a similar frequency so that they are not vulnerable and exposed to energy that can cause them harm.”

And if that doesn’t explain the friendship my bestie and I have, I don’t know what will.

* This is part of why I want to purge my belongings.  I have too much stuff, and my room feels crowded and stuffy.


5 thoughts on “A Brief Note on Empathy

  1. I relate to all those bullet points too. I know I’m an empath. Do you know about shielding, centering, and grounding? Or the three laws of life?


    • I’d always heard of them as ground, center, & shield (in that order); whether I know how to do them remains to be seen. I’ve really just started getting back into the practice of magick & spiritual stuff; spent many years as a science (math & engineering) student. … Never heard of three laws of life.

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      • I just recently learned them too. I don’t think they’re really called the three laws of life persay. They’re the laws of attraction, allowance, and acceptance.


      • Im kinda new to it but i related to the whole concept immediately. There’s this group on Facebook called Empathy for beginners.


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