Nutritionist & Food Diary App

I saw the nutritionist at my HMO this morning; first time appointment.  I like her, she’s very friendly.  We talked about my eating habits, and what kind of exercise I get.  I left with a Plan of four things to try over the next two weeks (until my next appointment).

  1. Walking 1 mile every day.  Goal is consistency, not distance.
  2. Protein and fiber in breakfast.  Examples: plain yogurt & fruit smoothie, ham/spinach/goat cheese.
  3. Read labels for sugar content.  Goal is 24 g/day or less.
  4. Pay attention to hunger/fullness signals.  Try sitting at the table with no distractions for each meal.

So this is the new experiment.  As I said, my next appointment is in 2 weeks, so we’ll see how this goes until then.

Also, when I got home this afternoon & while cooking lunch, I downloaded an app to my phone that will (hopefully) help me keep track of what I’m eating & how much water I drink & what kind of exercise I get.  It’s called TwoGrand, and I like it because it doesn’t count calories (unlike every other app I looked at).  This is important to me because I HATE calorie-counting; it makes me feel ashamed of how hungry I am & how much I need to eat to not be hungry.

TwoGrand works by logging food via taking pics, which I tend to do anyway.  Also, I set goals with reminders for daily walking, PT exercises, & meditation.  I’m hoping that that, plus Runtastic to map my routes while walking, will help me actually get a handle on my health.


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