Chakra Charm Bracelet

I mentioned in a previous post that I was re-doing my charm bracelet.  I’ve got all the chakra stones on it now, and it looks awesome!  Here are some of the correspondences for the stones I chose:

  • Root Chakra:
    Showing the extra link I added to increase length, and R->L Hematite, Garnet, & Snowflake Obsidian

    Showing the extra link I added to increase length, and L->R Snowflake Obsidian, Garnet, & Hematite

    • Hematite – grounding, protection, mental organization, decreases negativity, balances meridians, boost self-esteem & self-confidence
    • Garnet – regeneration, energy, stabilization, protection, manifestation, grounding dreams in reality, identifying life purpose, diminishing victimization/abandonment issues, gentle spiritual healing, realize & enjoy pleasures of earthly incarnation
    • Snowflake Obsidian – bringing things gently to the surface, can provide balance during times of change, seeing patterns in life & changing them to more benefit, serenity, shield against negativity
  • Sacral Chakra:
    • Carnelian – creativity, individuality, courage, general protection, manifesting desires, good luck, ease/remove sorrows, stabilizing energies in the home
    • Fire Opal – vitality, creative energy, handling change well, sensuality, inspiration, protective in dangerous places, safe dream-work, enhances self-worth,
    • Amber – calming, manifest desires, cleansing, patience, protection, love, balance, healing,
  • Solar Plexus Chakra:
    L->R Pyrite, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Amber, Fire Opal, & Carnelian

    L->R Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Amber, Fire Opal, & Carnelian

    • Citrine – success & prosperity, manifesting abundance, generosity, clears unwanted energies, helps resolve family issues, aids in dream recall, mental clarity, confidence, willpower, honesty, self-confidence, reduce self-destructive tendencies
    • Pyrite – intellect, protection, enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, psychic development, grounding
    • Tiger’s Eye – protection, stabilization, grounding, enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, brings prosperity, protection during travel, seeing clearly without illusion
  • Heart Chakra:
    • Bloodstone – ground & center, calming in survival situations, increasing adaptability, lessens stress & anxiety, courage, releases blockages, helps with emotional traumas
    • Jade – love, fidelity, generosity, emotional balance, increasing self-reliance, abundance
    • Malachite – positive transformation with easy transitions, prosperity, brings productive/lucrative career, protection, spiritual evolution, releases energy blockages, aids concentration & intellect, can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies
  • Throat Chakra:
    L->R Lapis Lazuli, Aqua Chalcedony, Sodalite, Green Apple Jade, Bloodstone, & Malachite

    L->R Lapis Lazuli, Aqua Chalcedony, Sodalite, Green Apple Jade, Bloodstone, & Malachite

    • Lapis Lazuli – royalty, spiritual connection, intuitive & psychic awareness, writing, manifestation, meditation, psychic protection, communication, mental & emotional virility, creativity, brings inner power & hope
    • Sodalite – logic, rationality, efficiency, group-work, heals breaches in communication, unites logical with spiritual
    • Aqua Chalcedony – Speaker’s Stone (measure words), encourages reflection & meditation, benevolence, generosity, brotherhood, helps overcome stage fright, encourages calm in home for those at odds with each other
  • Third Eye Chakra:
    • Amethyst – provides calm, enhances intuition, protection from thieves/psychic attacks, healing from personal loss & grief, flexibility & inner strength, Sobriety Stone (getting rid of additions & compulsive behaviors)
    • Fluorite – spiritual & psychic wholeness & development, meditation, psychic shield, aura cleansing, mental clarity, improves learning, detoxify emotions, gets rid of mental blocks, can help eliminate bad food habits
    • Indigo Goldstone – attaining goals, calm, emotional stability, ambitions (glass + copper)
  • Crown Chakra:
    L->R Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond, Freshwater Pearl, Indigo Goldstone, Fluorite, & Amethyst

    L->R Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond, Freshwater Pearl, Indigo Goldstone, Fluorite, & Amethyst

    • Herkimer Diamond – attunement (with anything), balance on all levels, relieves tension, aura cleansing, dream recall, help healing addictions
    • Moonstone – calming, hope, intuition, abundance energy, protection (esp. during childbirth, pregnancy, & travel at sea), calm, relief from emotional stress, love
    • Freshwater Pearl – attune wearer to ebb & flow of life, calming, centering, enhance personal integrity, connection to Goddess

I’m particularly glad I got the fire opal, and my wrapping on the Herkimer came out pretty awesome, especially for that being my first time wire-wrapping.  The Herkimer I picked out of the ground at a mine in Herkimer, NY; the other stones I bought at Northampton Beadery.


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