Full Contact Magick – Part 3

Waterbending_emblemBook Three of Full Contact Magick is the Book of Water, and covers chapters 12-14.  (Not sure why Water warranted only three chapters…)  Water is the element of flexibility and adaptability, through which we learn about emotions, intuitions, and psychic abilities.

Chapter 12: To Dare covers another side of the Witch’s Pyramid, for “the practice of magick demands emotional intensity.”

Tenth Warrior Precept:
Who dares wins.

“To dare is to have faith in yourself and your abilities, to let go of your inhibitions and doubts. … If you do not trust your magickal power, its strength and energy will be weakened.”  The author backs this up with a story about his wife’s early magickal practice, and how her spells all worked at first because it had never occurred to her that they wouldn’t.

Eleventh Warrior Precept:
The Gods cannot help those who will not help themselves.

The next section is on the importance of failure; it’s a common side-effect of trying, and one must try before one succeeds.  “Anything worth striving for involves taking risks.”  Failure is feedback, letting you know what doesn’t work so you can become better.  This includes self-mastery, which “requires discipline and determination.”

The author then discusses fear, and how courage is not the absence of fear.  “You will need to dig down deep at times to find the courage to overcome the obstacles you will encounter in life.  … The greater the objective you set yourself, the greater the fears that you are likely to face.”  The author uses the story of how he decided to turn from the path his family had set for him and instead follow his own path.  “Sometimes you will find yourself faced with situations where support is noticeably lacking,” for even those who are supposed to have our backs can turn and withhold their support, especially at the times when we most need it.

“Let each of your acts be your last battle on earth… If you are going to die there is no time for timidity… A hunter gives his last battle its due respect.  It’s only natural that his last act on earth should be the best of himself.”  ~Carlos Castaneda~

“You haven’t time to waste, to doubt, or to procrastinate.  The Warrior makes every moment count.  He faces each challenge as if it is a life or death struggle.  Nothing is unimportant.  This is the spirit of daring…”

“By deciding to transform yourself from what you are now by following this Warrior path, you are undergoing a ‘little death.’  A death of what you were in order that you may be reborn as something better.”

Chapter 13: The Cauldron and the Chalice introduces the magickal weapons of Water.  They are symbols of rebirth, nurturing, and regeneration.

This chapter tells about divination, a way of gathering information or intelligence by way of extending your awareness.  Divination does not reveal a concrete future; it shows us “what will most likely happen if you continue on your current course,” tendencies and trends.  Many of the variables involved can be controlled by the Warrior, and this is part of how we control our destinies.

There are many ways and forms of divination.  The skill can manifest as clairvoyance (visuals), clairaudience (sounds), or clairsentience (just knowing).  The technique for divination, regardless of what focal point you use (water, crystals, mirrors, flames, etc.), is to shut down random thoughts as with meditation, and let impressions float to the surface of your mind.  It is important to write down any results immediately afterward, as the altered state of consciousness at the time of divination will cause the knowledge to fade soon after regaining normal consciousness.

Also, not all systems of divination will work for everyone; you’ll need to experiment with different forms until you find the one(s) that work best for you.  For example, tarot works by “placing images in front of us that help us identify the images in our subconscious.  The tarot deck whose images most closely resemble the symbolic language of your mind is the deck that you will find easiest to use.”

Chapter 14: The Magick and Seasons of Water discusses cleansing and purification.  The first section discusses the importance of baths, and how with most people taking showers we’ve lost the element of relaxation.  This helps improve the flow of energy, and aids in attaining a meditative state. There are many herbal bath mixtures available; most contain some combination of bay, bistort, catnip, eyebright, honeysuckle, mugwort, rose, valerian, wormwood, and yarrow.  Whatever mixture you choose, “be sure to bind the mixture up in a cheesecloth or a tea ball” so you don’t clog the drain with plant bits.

Water can also be used to cleanse ritual implements and magickal weapons.  Fresh running water (such as a clean stream) is the best, but setting them overnight in a jar or basin of water will work as well, grounding out any stored energies.  For best results, combine the basin of water with light from the full moon.

Water is an internal purifier as well.  This is part of the reason people are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day; if you’re dehydrated, your body can’t get rid of toxins as easily.  (This links back to “the body is a temple.”)  Herbal tea can also be used for grounding excess energy, and if you use loose tea, the leaves at the bottom of the cup can be used for divination.

Other uses of water magick include aromatherapy (setting a small dish of water over a flame, often with a bit of essential oil added), and putting water in a jar or vase to soak up any negative energy; Adding a bit of salt or vinegar will enhance the effects, and be sure to empty and refill the jar periodically.

The seasons of water are those of growth.  Historically, the warriors returned home to help bring in crops.  This is a time for harvest, assessment, and review.

Lughnasadh (August 1) is when we begin to harvest the fruits of our labors.  It is a time to examine results and take pleasure in accomplishment.

Mabon (fall equinox) is for determining how successful the past year has been in terms of attaining objectives and resolutions.  This will help in setting goals for the next cycle of seasons, and helps us identify problems and mistakes.  With this information we can develop magickal solutions to problems, and become more effective Warriors in the next year.


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