Achievement Unlocked!

Yesterday, I discovered / identified something that makes me happy.

I was finishing a sewing commission (a renfaire costume for an actress in the Mutton & Mead cast), part of which required grommets.  We were down in my dad’s workshop, and I was setting the grommets using my new tools, and before my eyes it turned into a “real” bodice!  Like, one you’d buy at a store!  Grommets and boning really make it the real deal.

This was the first time I’d made anything with either boning or grommets, and the combination had me cackling and doing an excited little dance-!  I learned some things in the process, like, my sewing machine doesn’t like going right next to grommets, and steel boning breaks sewing machine needles.  However, even these setbacks didn’t detract from my excitement of making a Real Bodice!!  Even a day later, I’m still feeling good about this!  I’m brilliant!

This tells me I should do more of this.  … WOOT!


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