Physical Therapy

I saw a PT this morning.  Apparently what’s happening in my knee is a common problem; she thinks that my kneecap has drifted / been pulled over to the outside a bit, and that’s what’s causing the disturbing noises.  So she gave me the following four exercises:

  1. While sitting, push through feet (like pushing back a wheeled chair) & release.  Goal is to strengthen muscle groups on inside of knees, so they can pull the kneecap into the right place.
  2. With blue theraband around ankles, take steps to each side.  Goal is to strengthen muscles on outside of hips.
  3. Standing with one foot raised behind on a chair, move the raised-foot knee a bit behind the other, and lean away from that side.  Goal is to stretch muscles along outside of hips.  (It’s ok if the stretch doesn’t get the goal muscles right away.)
  4. Wall sits while squeezing a ball or pillow between knees.

I totally forgot how many reps I’m supposed to do of each one, because I forgot to get the printout the PT wrote up for me.  Oops.  As long as I do some amount each day, right?

I think it might be beneficial for me to literally schedule time in my calendar each day for things like PT exercises, meditation, and low-impact cardio exercise.  They might actually happen if I do that.  (Things to decide next week b/c wicked busy until Monday)


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