Full Contact Magick – Part 2


Book 2: Earth covers chapters 8-11 of Full Contact Magick.  “The element of Earth is related to the business of living. … This includes our perception of our worth as human beings.”  This is about reconnecting with earth energies and power in the physical plane.

Chapter 8: To Keep Silent covers one side of the Witch’s Pyramid.  It means to become still within and without, to be free of distractions, to cultivate awareness of intuitions & emotions.

Eighth Warrior Precept:
Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.

This level of awareness is a form of trance state.  “Obviously trance states can be achieved by using drugs; drugs alter your consciousness.  The problem is that drugs leave you with no control over the state that you find yourself in. … I include alcohol as a mind-altering substance.  Warriors strive to maximize their potential.  … If what you are trying to do is face the challenges of life and take charge of your fate, using drugs is counterproductive.”

Meditation trains the mind to become quiet.  Many find it easiest to start in a place that is relatively quiet & not likely to be disturbed.  You’ll need something to focus your attention on; start with a visual object that moves (such as a candle flame, a suspended feather, incense smoke, etc.), as movement captures our attention and most of our perception is visual.  Relax and breathe naturally, with your diaphragm.  Try meditating on the object of your choice without thinking; “You want the impressions that come to you to originate in the intuitive par of you where they will arrive without conscious thought.”  If you find yourself thinking, just start over.  “The object is to try to hold the object as long as possible without outside thoughts intruding.”

Another meditation tool is mandalas, symmetric diagrams often designed for contemplation or blue_floral_mandala_4_by_janclark-d6wc72pmeditation.  They are used as focal points, especially useful if you are blocked or stuck for ideas.  (The author makes note of having one in his writing space.)  The author recommends 10-30 minutes a day of meditation, depending on need and ability; “It can take up to a year to master basic meditation.”

There are (of course) many other variants of meditation.  One way is to look at shadows, which can train your mind to look at things more completely.  Another is to use senses other than vision; sounds such as running water (brooks, fountains, waterfalls, etc.) are a recommended starting place.

“If you have not meditated before, or have not done so for a long time, you will often experience a rush of unbidden thoughts, images, and sensations.  This is caused by the release of built-up stress.  People with few outlets for accumulated stress tend to store up the psychic garbage in their minds.”

The author then covers a bit on becoming sensitive to energy, based on the exercises from Chapter 6; knowing what the flow of chi feels like, this can help sense that flow in others, including plants and animals.

The next section is on Drawing Down, which is channeling (or being possessed by) a deity.  “Several different people may experience the same divine revelation simultaneously, but… each person perceives what they see in a uniquely individual way.  In the East they call this phenomenon Maya, meaning illusion.”  It is important to remember that no one person’s interpretation is more correct than another’s.

In Wicca, Drawing Down can take two forms:  Conscious channeling (when you are aware of what is happening and can remember what happens afterward) and Unconscious channeling (when you are not aware of what’s going on and cannot remember what happens).  Arguments in favor of Drawing Down include:

  • it’s difficult for someone to be objective when trying to do divination for themselves
  • it can be used to enhance a ritual drama, where the persons representing the deities are channeling those deities during the ritual

It is important to remember to set clear parameters of the experience, and to ground out the energy afterward.

Chapter 9: Empowerment covers ways to attain magickal power.  Many books available are cookbooks of spells and rituals wherein the author tries to anticipate all different situations.  “The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t encourage the reader to learn the basics of magick. … It tends to treat the universe like a machine, an external process.”  The real goal is to develop your own style of magick.

Ninth Warrior Precept:
Power with.

“The Warrior’s aim is to harmonize or entrain herself with the universe surrounding her, which all exists on one level, overlapping.”  Grimoires (cookbooks of spells) often require the magician to attain power over some aspect, but this is not the way.  “For the Wiccan Warrior, mastery is a matter of learning to use the power available to everyone more effectively.  True magickal power comes from within you.”

Taking a warrior name is one way to empower yourself.  “Names reflect our perception of ourselves. They help shape what it is we intend to be. … It helps you to mold your self-image to help you become the person you want to be.  This name represents the goals and dreams you are working toward.”

The next section is on Prosperity and Achievement, as Earth is also about “material worth, reward, and the treasures of the earth.”  Dreams do not become reality unless you pursue them.  To become prosperous you must take charge of your life.

“This is a fertility religion.  You plant the seed, you water it, you nurture it, you weed around it.  Ultimately you harvest what you cultivated.  That’s how our magick works.  And whatever you do, you don’t pull on the plant to help it grow!”  ~Phyllis Curott, author of Witch Crafting~

Seven common factors of millionaires:

  1. They live well below their means.
  2. They allocate their time, energy, and money efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.
  3. They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status.
  4. Their parents did not provide economic outpatient care.
  5. Their adult children are economically self-sufficient.
  6. They are proficient in targeting market opportunities.
  7. They chose the right occupation.

As an example, the author describes how he uses magick to help “find and take advantage of opportunities needed to earn a living.”  If you despise the wealthy, you will never achieve wealth.  It is what you do with your wealth that counts.  Used responsibly, prosperity will bring happiness and freedom to both the community and the Warrior.

Pentacle: a pentagram inscribed on a round disk, a form of protection.  The Warrior's Shield

Pentacle: a pentagram inscribed on a round disk, a form of protection (the Warrior’s Shield).

Chapter 10: The Shield, the Stone, and the Circle covers using Earthly principles for protection.  “When considering your safety, it is best to start with simple principles.  One of the most important safety principles is the elimination of habits and routine.  … The Warrior is spontaneous, fluid, and never a creature of habit.”

“Part of creating your own reality is taking responsibility for habits that have become problems in your life.  Understanding why we have developed habits or addictions is one of the most important steps in overcoming these compulsive behaviors.  Sometimes habits are dysfunctional strategies to give ourselves the illusion that we’re in control.”

Believing that things will go wrong means they usually will; this is negatively creating your reality.  There are several techniques covered in Full Contact Magick that can help protect against outside negative influences. The first is casting a circle.

Casting a circle is just like the Holding Ball exercise, only you put yourself inside the ball of energy and expand it to the desired size.  If done correctly, the temperature inside the circle will seem to increase, and you should notice the same heat and tingling that you notice when chi flows.  To collapse the circle, gather the energy in and absorb it into your Dantian energy center (behind & below the navel), and let your chi come back to equilibrium.  (The author also covers how to cast a circle using ritual methods like calling the elemental energies, but I’m not going to describe that as I’ve always felt rather silly doing rituals like that.)

The second technique is called mirroring, and is used to reflect negative energy back to the caster.  In this case, you imagine your ball of energy becoming a full set of armor; it doesn’t matter what kind or style, as long as the outside is highly reflective.  The downside of this technique is that the caster of the negative energy may perceive the reflected energy as an attack, instead of the passive reflection it is, which can lead to things escalating.

Another technique of protection is shielding, which is similar to mirroring except instead of reflecting the energy, you capture it and ground it in the earth.  A variant of this is envisioning camouflage, a chameleon-shield that can let you pass unnoticed.

Casting a circle can also be used to protect a place (such as residences and ritual sites) from negative energies.  The downside is that the larger the area to be enclosed, the harder it is for the caster to include it all in their imagination when visualizing the circle.  One way around this is to take a walk around the perimeter of the area to fix the boundaries in your mind.

The next section is on grounding and centering, which have several applications, one of which being protection.  Grounding can get rid of surplus energies and prevent chakras from becoming blocked. It can also help handle overwhelming emotions.

The simplest way to ground is to put a line of salt around the area to be protected, which will “ground out” negative influences that cross it.  Another way to ground is consuming food and beverages, which is why this is often included in Wiccan rituals.  Other ways to ground are putting your hands on the ground and imagining putting down roots, or working in a garden.

Chapter 11: The Magick and Seasons of Earth presents information on working with crystals and stones, and using them to influence the energy around you.  The primary thing to know about working with crystals is that most of their ascribed characteristics are connected to the color of the substance; “What is more important to you is the color of the stone and what it represents to you. … Meditating with crystals will help give you a feel for what effects they have on you and your surroundings.”

  • White = purity, spirituality
  • Red = health, energy, strength, sexual potency, courage
  • Pink = love, affection, romance
  • Yellow = intellect, imagination, creativity, mental abilities, charm, confidence, persuasion
  • Green = abundance, fertility, good fortune
  • Blue = truth, inspiration, wisdom, protection, understanding, health
  • Purple = financial success, power, idealism
  • Gold = solar energy, male divinity
  • Silver = Lunar energy, female divinity

(Note: I just realized while typing this that the author makes no mention of attributes of Orange.  How strange…)

“Crystals have the ability to passively accumulate or redirect energy in your environment.  If you are lacking certain things in your life, you can use crystals to attract them.  More is not better.

Stones can help in grounding energy and emotions (see above); Pour all of it into the stone, and do not keep the stone around without grounding the stone itself.  Options include throwing the stone away (especially into the ocean), burying it deep underground, or placing it in water to purify.

“The seasons of Earth are the seasons of harvest and winter.  Warriors withdrew to their winter quarters to heal wounds, repair weapons, burnish skills, and plan for the campaigning season ahead.”  This is a time of preparation and planning.

Samhain (“sow-in”) is October 31 and is the Wiccan New Year.  At this time the Warrior makes decisions about the upcoming year, committing to resolutions and objectives for the next cycle of seasons.  Divination is done to help chart a path in the coming year, to help determine coming influences.  It is a time to remember ancestors and departed family members.

Yule is the winter solstice.  At this time the Warrior finalizes plans and strategies needed to make Samhain’s resolutions a reality; making detailed lists of things needed and things to do, outlining all the steps needed to carry out her objectives.  This is the time to cleanse the household and lay down the magickal foundations, for “as the light returns, so do your plans begin to grow and take shape.”


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