Diet & Exercise. Really.

Soooooo…. I’m still supposed to be staying gluten-free.  Honestly, maintaining it has kinda gone downhill since I went to a wedding reception on May 30th.  Then there was the potluck dinner & dessert at the dance I was working at… and they sent me home with free food…

So I suppose I’m kinda mostly-gluten-free.  (Gluten-minimizing?)  I don’t really think cutting gluten would have much effect other than at my waistline, which isn’t to be discounted but wasn’t the purpose of this trial.  The point was to see if it helped the inflammation, which I couldn’t tell if it was or not.  On the days when I do have gluten, I don’t feel really bad the next day, so I’m not sure what’s next.

I have an appointment with a nutritionist soon, so I’ll see what she says about things & stuff.

On a somewhat-unrelated note, my right knee has been making disturbing noises when I bend it and it’s supporting weight.  It used to hurt and make noise, but since I started taking glucosamine supplements it’s only been making noise.  (Sort of a cross between a click and a grind…)

I know that there will be less pressure on my knees if/when I lose weight (hence, nutritionist appointment), but I also have an appointment with a physical therapist.  I figure I can at least learn things that would be good and things to avoid.

My plan so far is low-impact cardio (walking on relatively flat trails, and swimming if I can get to a pool big enough to swim laps), with glucosamine supplements and continuing to minimize the white starches (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes?).  I’m really hoping that I can get to a place by the end of summer where I can start biking, because right now my body would hate me for that.

Further research:

  1. Convince my health insurance to cover at least part of a YMCA membership.
  2. Set up food plan that is actually attainable.
  3. Aim for 3-4 instances of cardio each week (to start).

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