Three Liberating Questions

In my searching for chakra info the other week, I came across this article (blog post? Sometimes I’m not sure what the difference is…) describing ways to free ourselves from “the tyranny of the norm.”

Question 1: Are you willing to transform your life into an adventure?

I would dearly like to.  My current plan is to buy an old schoolbus and renovate it into a tiny house; I’d probably look into how to convert the engine to run off biofuels (aka old fry oil).  This would mean owning my home for less than $10,000.  I’d travel around (with my cat!), and do sewing and maybe canning preserves to pay bills.  I’ve played with the idea of traveling around to renfaires and farmer’s markets to sell stuff, and I’ve got plans for an Etsy store this summer.

Just thinking about this plan gets me excited.  I’d be able to go places and see things and meet people!  I’ve been feeling kinda stagnant, living in the same place for so long…  This would be an adventure, for sure!

Question 2: Are you ready to learn the art of not giving a damn what other people think?

I’d have to.  To enact the above plan, I’d have to completely disregard what my parents think about how I should be living.

But not caring what other people think also means not filtering who I am.  It means not apologizing for my life choices: my decision to not have children, my decision to (likely) not get married, my decision to not get a typical job just because I need money.  It means paring away everything that is not me, and loving myself despite the messages from society.

Question 3:  Are you willing to bring meaning to the meaningless?

Should the pieces fall into place, I am ready to start transforming my lifestyle.  I recognize the different sources of waste that folks tend to overlook (wearing contacts, for example), and am considering what steps to take to reduce my footprint on the earth.  To bring meaning to the meaningless is to “create your own meaning, to engage with your own self-inflicted philosophy, to evolve into your own spiritual interdependence….”

How can I bring meaning to my life? to the world?


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