Healing with the Wheel of the Year

This is a thought piece reflecting on this article, by Tiffany Lazic, in which she discusses five ways to use the Wheel of the Year as a tool to help harmonize yourself.

  1. Identify your own personal flow.  How do you respond to each spoke in the Wheel?  As you flow through the year, where are the bumpy times?
    1. What is it about this time of year that makes me uncomfortable?
    2. Is there an experience that happened around this time that still brings up fear/ anger/ sadness?
    3. How does this time of year relate to the cycle of growth & fulfillment?
  2. Apply the awareness of personal flow to varied expressions of the cycle.  Early bird or night owl?  Is there a particular time of life you resonate with?  Does your energy wane at a particular time of day?
    1. If you find patterns, determine the correspondence to the Wheel.  For example, longing for the teenage years can indicate a need to look at how to transition from Beltaine to Litha.
  3. Pay attention to which deities call you at which times.
    1. Deities can help us through trials we face.
    2. If Hecate comes in spring, ask yourself “What wisdom of the Great Mystery might I be exploring now?”  If Poseidon comes in winter, ask yourself “What emotions could be lying beneath the surface that could become turbulent if left unchecked?”
  4. Be aware of animal guides, nature spirits, and ancestors.  (The author gives the example of which insects seem most prevalent as an indicator of what the coming season/year would be like.)
  5. Let your body be involved.  Does it want to dance or sleep?  Does it feel disconnected or flighty? or filled with languid fluidity? or burdensome solidity?

I’ll have to try to pay closer attention to these things over the next year, but this is what I’ve got right now:

I’ve never really felt connected to Imbolc.  In contrast, I like Beltaine well enough, and my favorites are Samhain and Yule.  I’m sort of ambivalent about the other holidays.  I’m definitely a night owl, and even with waking up between 10 and noon I still want an nap sometime between 3 and 5 (-ish) pm.

… I just had a fantastic idea: overlaying a 24-hr clock on the Wheel of the Year, syncing the times of dark and times of light, and seeing if my holidays preferences correspond to my preferred sleep schedule.  Need to do this now…

As far as deities are concerned, I know I’ve felt connected with Loki at times when I was feeling particularly crazy.  (Like, at least a dozen different lines of thought happening at any given moment.)  I had a connection with the Star-Eyed Goddess (from Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar ‘verse) at a time when I was learning tai chi a few years ago.

Regarding Elements:  This semester, I was cold and tired all the time.  I never felt motivated to do anything.  It reminded me of element starvation (from ATLA), when prisoners were kept away from their element to keep them subdued.  While I can interact well with Air (as evidenced by how much thinking a student has to do, and how cerebral I tend to be), my primary element is Fire.  So for many nights in a row, I’d light half a dozen tea lights in my room and burn them completely, both to surround myself with my element and to warm up my bedroom.  I think it works, because I lit candles again last night, and was inspired to make a skirt that I’d been planning & just hadn’t gotten around to.

UPDATE:  According to this diagram I drew up, I tend to sleep through Imbolc and Ostara, and wake up sometime around Beltaine, with my afternoon slump around Lughnasadh.  And while I can stay up through Imbolc, I’m happiest if I’m sleeping at Ostara.

The correspondences of this require more introspection, though it makes sense to me; my childhood and youth were not necessarily pleasant, and I rather hated my youth and slept through my life at that time.  Apparently this carried over. … Though I’ve no idea why my energy wanes for Lughnasadh, as I’m not old enough to have lived that part of my life yet.

I drew this up last night, based on my location.

I drew this up last night, based on my location.


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