Full Contact Magick – Part 1 – Response

(Response to Full Contact Magick – Part 1)

I feel like Chapter 1 ties in nicely with my previous thoughts on interconnectedness.

I haven’t really agreed with the Rede before now.  The part about harming none never really sat well with me, as I’ve never considered myself a pacifist.  (Reasons perhaps to be fully explored later.)  I suppose I agree more now than I have previously because I understand more about interconnectedness and respecting the divine in everything.  (See also my post on TechNO-Fix.)  I think I get it, now, though I still have a lot of work to do.

“Know Thyself.”  Workin’ on that, too.  I’m sure there’s a proverb somewhere about shining light into the shadows of ourselves.  Looking at the list of personal characteristics I’d made when first reading this book (last summer), I can’t really say I’d change anything on it.  I think now that a great deal of the cruelty my brain comes up with is a defense mechanism from being hurt so many times.  I’m paranoid because I don’t trust people easily.  I grew thorns.  (Possible future post on why I’ve always identified as a Slytherin.)

I’ve had a sense of when people are making themselves out to be more than they actually are (tougher, stronger, more fearless, etc.).  I smile & nod, but I don’t believe them.  Though that could just be my cynicism…

And yes, that is a second reference to Avatar: the Last Airbender.  There will likely be more of those.

Honesty implies truthfulness, fairness, and refusal to engage in fraud, deceit, or dissembling. Honor implies a worthy adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. Integrity is moral soundness, especially when one’s steadfastness of purpose, responsibility, or trust is tested. Probity is proven integrity. Rectitude is moral righteousness.  ~American Heritage College Dictionary~

I’ve had a hard time breaking my habit of being late.  It’s probably tied into my procrastination, but whenever I leave to go somewhere, I inevitably feel like I’m forgetting something, so I stand around wondering what it was I’d forgotten…

The only problem is, I can't remember what it is I've forgotten.

The only problem is, I can’t remember what it is I’ve forgotten.

So to attempt to fix this I set all the times in my calendars to 10-15 minutes before the actual appointment or meeting time, so I might actually get there on-time.  It kinda works…

“If you want to master your situation, master yourself first.”  I’m workin’ on it, dang it!

As for keeping a journal of my dreams, I’ve tried this on several occasions, resulting in a scattered record of the few dreams I can remember.  The problem recently has been a combination of just not getting enough sleep, and that I wake up & have to get going so quickly that my dreams are the last thing on my mind.  Hopefully I can work on this now, by scheduling things in the afternoon so I can wake up slower & maybe remember them more.

I would totally start taking tai chi lessons again, if they weren’t so expensive.  Maybe a gym or a YMCA has tai chi, and if they do I’m sure it’s cheaper than my prior lessons.  (It’s hard for me to sit still to meditate, so I was interested in tai chi as a moving meditation.)

“Your body is your temple….”  ALL of the self-improvement!  Posts on this topic will probably be filed under the Health category…

Chakras.  Oh, chakras.  I got SO distracted doing external reading & research on these.  First, I stumbled across an internet quiz (of course) that could give insight to which chakras are fully opened & functioning.  As this graph evidences, I have energy work to do, too.

Apparently, only my 5th and 6th chakras are working properly.

Apparently, only my 5th and 6th chakras are working properly.  Not really surprised, honestly.

This sent me into looking at ways to open the other chakras and I should probably work with someone who’s experienced in this sort of thing so I don’t mess myself up even more.  (Here my thoughts spun off on a tangent of reworking my charm bracelet to incorporate stones with chakra associations, and possibly needing to purify the whole thing, chain & charms, and start over…)

I’ve always felt a little weird doing spells & rituals that I didn’t write.  It feels very… formulaic? stiff?  They don’t resonate with me.  This is one reason why I don’t really like the few spell books that I have.  If I need to do a spell, I’ll put it together myself, whether or not it requires tools/Weapons.

On feeling magickal:  I don’t necessarily think that I need something unusual to incite this.  I experience moments of connection and very clear vision; when my cat says that she loves me, smelling the spring flowers, looking at fallen snowflakes and seeing perfect crystalline forms.  Working on a project and knowing that it will be brilliant when finished.  These moments are magick.


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