I saw my chiropractor this morning, and while my lumbar is feeling better, my knees and ankles are not happy.  Like, very not happy.  Dr. T was testing for inflammation down my legs, and the pain escalated quickly from ‘nothing’ to ‘NOT OK AT ALL!’  He suggests I get a referral to an orthopedist & get X-rays taken of my knees and ankles (while I still have fancy-insurance) to check the structure.  Because it would suck if I needed to get a knee replaced, for example.

One of the other things we discussed is the possibility of food allergies contributing to the inflammation.  As the only thing I’m aware of being allergic to right now is artificial peach flavor, this is an entirely new realm for me.  However, I recognize it as a possibility, and I’d really rather check for food allergies before discussing the need for a diet.  (I hate even the concept of a diet.  I think they’re depressing, and 99% of the time, they don’t work, especially long-term.)

So, today starts a two-week trial run of being gluten-free.  (We decided on gluten because, while I enjoy eating dairy, I don’t necessarily crave it… certainly not like I do wheat-based things.)  I can already tell this is going to be challenging, because I happened to pick up Pringles and wheat-flour tortilla shells when I went shopping yesterday.  I’m already wanting Pringles… though that could just be because I’m hungry.

Dr. T also mentioned potential emotional responses to giving up a food.  He said that (speaking generally) people who are depressed don’t necessarily want to feel better, and to watch out for overcompensating for the loss of gluten by eating a ton of dairy (for example), because the thing that could be emotionally compensating may also be a contributor to feeling bad/in pain.  I’ll need to keep an eye out for those emotional responses, especially if I’m doing other emotional work this summer.

So, gluten-free.  This’ll be interesting.  I already know I can go without breads, and rice pasta is ok.  What’ll be more challenging is looking for wheat in things like salad dressing and sauces.  (And soy sauce?!)  I need to make sure the folks I eat with are on-board with this, as well, because the worst is when you’re watching someone eat something you want & can’t have.

… On reflection, that sounds a lot like envy.  Hmm…

Perhaps more introspection on envy is required.


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